Tuesday, May 31, 2011

50 reasons to stop at the Calico House Soon

I only had time to a take a picture of 7 of the new Hoffman batiks , but they are beautiful. We received 50 bolts and have been cutting fat quarters for days and days. If you ever look at the back side of a Hoffman ,( you will be hard pressed to tell which side that is ) the details are a little less distinct. Some of the other new designs are on browns, purples, blacks, and greens.
Hope you had a great holiday weekend . I was sewing models and cleaning my sewing room. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. oooooo!!!! Love batiks!!!! I am such a Hoffman snob!!! But they are so scrumptious its hard to resist!!!! I wish I could come and visit but I live soooo far away!!! :( I miss all the Nebraska shops.

  2. They will spoil you as the quality is always so wonderful. There will be new bali pop sets available I think in August. My favorite new set was called strawberries and watermelon and was truly the colors of those fruits.

  3. Yeah! I heard there was new ones....:)I can't wait till my local shop gets some :D