Monday, May 16, 2011

Sharing some of our favorites from quilt Market with you

Right now I am just happy to be home and overwhelmed by all that we saw and loved at quilt market. I will be posting some great pictures as I come up for air and get caught up with everything.
This great quilt pictured called Urban Life really caught my attention done in lovely fabrics designed by Kate Spain and from her Central Park collection. I also saw it in several color combinations and some with the skinny connecting pieces and some times with out. I loved them all. Patt who also attended market with me thought it looked like oars. We will have the pattern in stock soon.

Personally I noticed one heck of a lot of ruffles , skinny ones ,medium ones and large sized ones. They started popping up last fall at market but have really increased in use as a detail element. We saw them on pillows and purses and skirts. It' a girl thing. I heard that term a lot also.
I was really worried about the weight of my suit case when we got to the airport, but I am happy to let you all know that it weighted 49 pounds . Just 1 pound less than an over charge fee. Our fan driver wanted to know why all our suit cased weighed so much. Those patterns and books we fill our suit cases with our really heavy. We will be trying to get them out on the shelves as fast as our fingers will fly so stop by soon.

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