Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to Sew on Laminated Fabric

We put out heads together and created this fast and easy Just Stylin'
bistro style apron featuring fabulous Japanese fabrics.
Kits are available at our Etsy Store.
Simple cutting and sewing directions are included..
Here are some tips to help you sew with laminated fabrics.

To reduce bulk when hemming the sides and bottom of a
laminated fabric apron, fold in the bottom corners at a 45 degree angle.

Fold in sides and bottom 1/4", then 1/2".

Just work with the corners a bit until you have a nice mitered corner.
I used Wonder Clips by Clover to hold my folded edges in place.
They work great! (You could use clothes pins or paper clips, but NO pins!)

If the corners were not mitered, here's how much bulk you would have to sew over.

Since I didn't have a teflon foot as recommended to sew on the
laminate, my goal was to be able to sew as smoothly as possible.
I used a NEW, sharp size 80 needle, lengthened my stitch length
and sewed slowly. It worked!
For a finished look, cut out the square that shows from your corner after you sew.

Finished hem with mitered corner.

So, don't be afraid to give sewing on laminated fabric a try!


  1. Thank you for the tips on how to sew on Laminated Fabric. Very Cute!

  2. Hi Joy,
    We hope to post more tips in the future . Thanks for stopping by.