Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to tips for sewing hot pads

While making this fun pieced hot pad , I had decided to quilt in the ditch (right next to the seam) around the words meow and the black and white wavy stripe. It was quite thick as I used my favorite product Insulbrite and a second layer of cotton batting for the filler. No polyester please, it will melt and conducts heat. I then wisely decided to sew about 1/8th of an inch in from the edge all the way around. This really made attaching the binding a lot easier. I think I might try 2 layers of Insulbrite next time. If you really want your hot pads to be functional and not just cute, I can tell you from experience 2 layers for the filler is better.
I cut my binding 2½ inches wide and fold it in half and press it. Then I pin it on one side at a time. Because of the thickness of this hot pad that worked out well.
Be sure to preview your binding around your hot pad , you really would not want your seam in the binding to be any closer to the corner than the picture above or you will just have to much bulk to turn and miter the corner. I was pushing my luck here and would repin this so that seam is farther away from the corner.

Finished is such a nice word .
Hope you love this fun fabric "Witty Kitty by Julie Dobson Miner for StudioE fabrics".
All the fabrics used in this project are in stock.
This is my 20 pound Hungry Kitty and he would be just like the the cat on the hot pad holding the bag of food if he wasn't in his favorite spot sleeping. I had to sneak up on him to take this. He is Mr Boots, but must mostly we call him Boo.

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