Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trust your gut.

Our customer was so excited to share her finished quilt made for her sister and her new home.
She loved our quilt on the left, but wanted to make it with the French General Fabrics by Kari Meng for Moda. I think it turned out darling and I love the fabrics and how they look together. This was a great choice for someone who was worried about costs and inexperience.
We spent some time choosing fabrics we loved together and really once it was cut out it would go together very quickly. Remember to trust your gut.
Your first quilt project doesn't have to be a queen size quilt . Start small and work your way up or do a big project and then a smaller project. We have seen some great finished projects from our customers lately , you just need to stay focused.
Thanks for stopping by and keep sewing.

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