Sunday, July 8, 2012

What is PUL and why should You care?

These adorable pictures are from Michael Miller fabrics with the raincoat featuring some of their PUL fabrics. 

The word PUL has been showing up in pattern supply lists lately, especially for  diaper bags, lunch bags, rain coats and diapers. What is it,  it's 100% Polyester fabric backed with a Polyurethane laminate.
It is waterproof, pliable, drape able and machine washable.

Michael Miller Fabrics has developed some wonderful sewing tips.

1. Use a walking foot or Teflon foot for sewing.
2. To sew two layers of Pul without a walking /Teflon foot use a strip of wax paper over the top and tear away when done. ( This was the first time I had ever seen this mentioned and I am anxious to try it.)
3. We had good luck lengthening our stitch.
4. Use All- Purpose Polyester threads.
5. 9/65 or 11/75 ballpoint needle recommended for best results. If you are sewing many layer switch to a 16/100 ballpoint or denim needle.
Care instructions.
Wash with oxygenated bleach with no chlorine. Detergent should not contain Sodium Percarbonate.
Wash temperatures can be Hot- between 145  and 165 degrees F
It is highly recommended to give an extra rinse cycle.
Dry on Medium heat, temperatures should not exceed 130 degrees F
Do not use fabric softeners.
Do not wring or iron on film side.

I would like to thank Michael Miller Fabrics for this helpful information and be sure to check out their  blog post on PUL here.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find this helpful.

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  1. Adorable rain coat! I had not heard of PUL -- will need to check this out. Thanks for the tips.