Friday, October 19, 2012

My dreams are filled with dots and hexies

You  can never have to many polka dots right?
My theory is the the more dots the merrier. 
These dots have a kind of pearlized finish I have not seen before and I thought they would be nice for the holidays. A little bling, not really over the top. 
Cute for skirts or napkins where a little shine is okay. 
I will have to play with them at the shop and let you know what we come up with. 

This dot fabric just arrived and has great colors that would fit in with many happy children's projects .  

Great new book that just released. 
Kim Schaffer, the author out did her self with her fabric choices and clean lined quilts. 
Well worth taking time to look at. 

Just when I was loving the hand sewing on my own little hexagons, this book releases with more options.  I already see hexagon shapes every where. I am telling you they are taking over the quilting world. 
I know it's okay, they are fun and the possibilities are endless . Dang it. 
Sewing and quilting are in high gear at the shop, why not stop in and peak at all the models.  
We would love to see you. 


  1. I hope they never quite making polka dot fabrics. ANd the good news is our sales rep so far just keep showing us more to order.