Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mama Said Tasty

Some times you just love a collection of fabrics like the Mama Said Sew shown here. But you just don't know what you want to make. Sweet Water designed these for Moda, and they are just perfect for those of us who live in Nebraska. The University of Nebraska's colors are red, black and white. 

 Then I found this table runner pattern,Tasty from Jaybird Designs. Hmmmm This time of year small projects are good. 

I love it when a project comes together.
 It goes off to the quilter tomorrow.

This is another fun Jaybird quilt pattern . 
Yes more Hexies. I was pretty excited when they featured the Mama Said Sew fabrics. I see another small or not so small project in my future. 
Thank you to all who came for customer appreciation day Saturday. 
And hope your weekend was filled with fun projects. 

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