Sunday, December 30, 2012

6 favorite quilts from 2013

These are in no particular order. But I thought with the close of 2012 I would share with you some of my favorite quilts .
Zen chic is one of the most amazing new companies that has joined the quilting world in 2012. 
Oho  shown above is just one of their many fresh modern designs. We carry their first release Juggling Summer fabrics for Moda and look forward to their new group Comma coming out in 2013. 

This citron and grey quilt was hanging in the Michael Miller booth at market. 
The color combination permeated all of the home dec world this year. 
Don't you love the quilting on it. 

Lots and lots of color and Westminster fabrics had a stellar booth at quilt market with tons of inspiration. 

Michael Miller's booth at fall quilt market. 
Yipes stripes and we saw them every where in abundance. 
This was by far my favorite stripe. We are still hoping to receive this fabric. 

A wonderful quilt made by Sue Spargo's sister, Wendy.
 These fabrics are scheduled to release in 2013. 
Good news we ordered the entire collection. 

What a show stopper. Zen Chic's booth for Moda. 
Made with their Comma fabric that releases in 2013. 
And yes we have ordered it. 
It has been a jam packed year hasn't it?
Stay tuned it will be a great 2013 in the quilt world. 
Thanks for stopping by. Janeese

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