Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fun Summer classes

This last week for 4 days we had our Quilt Camp.
Our Goal is for the children to go home with a finished quilt.
Jamie one of the instructors is hard at work cutting and cutting on the first day.

We have 2 iron imprints on our carpet from classes so we now include
 a short talk about iron etiquette. 

Tenley worked really hard and on day 4 below was adding her

PIn, pin, and pin some more.

Carol from the staff pitched in and help with the final trim.

Jean is down on her knees, oh so close to the finish. 

Tah Dah. 
A good time was had by all.
It is just as much fun for us to see the fabrics chosen .

If you are looking to improve your machine quilting skills we still have
 adult classes available in July.
There is a learn the basics class and beyond the basics machine quilting class. 
All those quilt tops you have need quilted why not give a class a try. 
You bring your own machine and will need a darning foot.
Give me call for dates and times. 

Thanks for stopping by, Janeese

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