Friday, August 23, 2013

3 reasons to make flannel quilts.

We thought these cozy flannels that just arrived could provide you
with 3 great reasons to make a new quilt. 

1. The colors are really gorgeous.
2. They are really soft and snugly.  
3. They are from Moda fabrics.

Holly Taylor always designs with a north woods feel and your only tough
decision is what size quilt to make. 

                          Really lovely flannel is hard to find, and
                          once you feel quality flannels, there is no going back
                          to the inferior product out there.
                          FYI: Cotton flannel does shrink around 4 inches per yard. It is always wise to keep
                          that in mind. I find that if I wash 12 different flannels they will all shrink a
                          little differently.
                          I also hand quilted a flannel quilt for my husband a few years ago
                          and a lot of people tried to discourage me from that.
                          It wasn't very hard, but I will say my stitches
                          where not nearly as small as normal.

                         If you have  always wanted to try making a flannel quit
                         now would be a good time. We have several lovely flannels to choose
                         from and they won't be around long.

                          Hope to see you soon. Janeese






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