Thursday, October 31, 2013

No Boo just Moo

Hope fully you saw and might remember Patt from our staffs 
Cow Quilt  made from one of Mary Lou Weidman's books.
It was quite a hit and she brought it to the store today for pictures . 
Those are her fingers holding up her fun quilt.

So at quilt market they had several quilts based on this same cow pattern on display.
I did not take pictures of them all , but this fun Boo Moo seemed 
so appropriate to share with you on Halloween.

Red , White and Blue was very zany and cute too.
  I will share some more cow quilts with you soon.

There where many fun and happy quilts at market and we are busy preparing for our customer appreciation day on Saturday, November 23. Don't tell any one, but we are
having a make it and take it this year for the first 25 people that want to participate.

Be sure to watch my facebook to see all the new patterns from Market.  
Life is a little crazy right now. Hope you are having a great fall, thanks for stopping by.

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