Thursday, March 20, 2014

Low Volume Prints

Modern Patchwork Magazine has a great article written by Cheryl Arkison about Low Volume fabrics in their Winter 2014  issue.

They define them as fabrics with a white/light base. Or the reverse with the color in the background with a predominantly white design. Basically they are a white-on -white or beige- on- beige fabric without a graphic nature to the pattern. They can be of any scale  and may be  a floral, novelty or stripe.

I have found myself admiring several quilts in books, magazines and on pinterest that are refereed to as low volume. I bet you have too.

Patt checked in a new fabric today that I thought could be classified as low volume.
We have it  4 colors.

and a pale gray. 

I will be trying to collect as many fabrics as I can find with writing on them for my stash. 
Give them a look and maybe start your own collection. 

Thanks for stopping by. Janeese

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  1. Love the newsprint fabrics. Rita from Red Pepper Quilts makes beautiful scrappy quilts using lots of low volume fabrics.