Sunday, June 7, 2015

Quilting that makes you say Wow.

When I first started to quilt, hand quilting was definitely the norm for joining your 
3 layers together. Gradually I started to see more and more machine quilting , but I am not sure it was
enjoyed by all. 
This year at Quilt Market I was especially noting all the outstanding machine quilting. I am sure it was because of the recent acquisition of a Qnique 14 long arm for the store. 
That said it seems to me that we have come a long way in the sophistication of 
machine quilting. 
WIth that in mind I wanted to share a quilt that caught my attention in the Bloc loc booth.
I apologize for not recording the name of the quilter. 

We do not have the time to look as long as we would like, so I will share the  closeups I took the time to snap. 

If any one knows more about this quilt, please let me know the maker and quilter. I am so in awe of the
lovely quilting. I hope it will inspire you too.

Keep quilting and thanks for stopping by.

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