Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 3 Moda Sampler Shuffle

Moda Sampler Shuffle

Week 3

Just click on the number of the block to download this week's patterns.
Block 7
Block 8
Block 9

Carol's Quick Tips and Observations
• #7 has lots of small pieces and you make lots of triangles. Refer to the triangles tip page for piecing and trimming. I make sure I sew just inside the drawn line to get that scant ¼" seam.
• Decide before you start sewing if directions of fabrics are important to you. Pin and check how the blocks look when triangles are added. I liked Block#7 the best when the circles and the loops were going the same direction. I had to keep thinking about how I was pinning, so I got the desired result!
• Press as you go. Using Best Press helps a lot when pressing the small pieces. Be careful to press (not iron) so you don't distort your pieces. Sometimes I've even pressed my seems open to reduce bulk.
• After sewing the pinwheel blocks, just remove the stitches from above the last stitched seam on both sides so you can press the seams opposite ways and form a mini pinwheel on the inside (see picture). Your block will lay much flatter! 
• I love using my 2½" square ruler to square up the small pieced units.

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