Sunday, February 7, 2016

Oh what a difference

I loved this pattern when I first saw it at Quilt Market this last October in Houston. 
And sometimes I just sit on a good idea until the right fabrics
come along.  (This pattern is in stock at Calico House.)

And you might remember we posted over on our facebook page that 
we had just received a big shipment of Alison Glass fabrics.
We have her new Sun Prints and some of her Abacus collection. 

I confess that these pillow tops are very close to some I saw at Quilt 
Market in one of the booths. 
The center of this pillow top is by Carolyn Freidlander and the backgrounds are
assorted pieces of Abacus and one piece from Jennifer Sampou.
Are you collecting lots of low volume fabrics? Me too. 

My question is about the quilting. I used 2 layers of 987F 
fusible pellon and 1" horizontal  rows of quilting with out going thru the arrow here. 
(The double layer does give it a little more definition.) 

On my second pillow top I stitched vertical rows from left to right.
(Alternating the direction you sew on  these is crucial.)
And just continued thru the arrow. Does the stitching thru the arrow bug you . 
I only used 1 thickness of 987F  fusible pellon on this pillow top. 
I like them both and maybe I will try more random stitching next time. 
If you have strong feelings let me know. 
I have not used monofilaments that much , but maybe I will give it a try.

The pink here is part of Alison Glass's new Sun Print collection. 

I will be starting the quilt shortly, as these blocks are really quick to sew up. 
Watch for posts of the blocks. 

Fabrics and pattern are in stock at Calico House. 
 Stop in to see the finished pillows. 
We are happy to mail fabrics and patterns. 
Thanks for stopping bye. Janeese


  1. I prefer the quilting on the pink arrow. This pattern is on my radar.

  2. I prefer the quilting going through the arrow too.

  3. I like the quilting on both but really like the one on the pink. I like that it shows.

  4. Great design. I love your use of the low volume fabrics as background. I also like the quilting on the pink one best.

  5. I love the fabrics, design and quilting. I'm thinking about an arrow quilt also.

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