Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Building permit # 9

House quilts are some of the best quilts around. 
I hope these bright happy house blocks are keeping
 you inspired and sewing along with us. 
Andrea from our staff who made house # 9 chose a grunge fabric from Moda
Did you know they know have a few 108" wide grunge fabrics available. 
We always have a great selection of colors of grunge to choose from. 
Carol on are staff is working on a model right now that features about 12 different 
grunge fabrics. 
The reason I love them so much is that they are like a solid fabric, but they add a little texture. 
Give them a try or ask to see them the next time your in the store. 

Click on the link below to print your pattern.


 Sorry I was a few days late posting, but I was at Quilt Market in Houston .
I will be posting pictures of some of my Favorite quilts soon. They will have lots of color, and 
will be the ones that pulled at my heart strings the most. 

Thank you for the pictures of your finished house blocks, keep them coming.
Be sure to check on  #modabemyneighbor to see house blocks from all over the U.S.

Happy sewing. Janeese

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