Monday, December 12, 2016

Building permit #15

Finally it is my turn , I honestly am not sure how I ended up with #15 . 
I was very inspired by one of the previously sewn polka dot trees. 
And I tired to think outside the box by not making a green one.
For sure we can all get in a rut with favorite colors and playing it safe. 
With the coming new year why not challenge yourself to try 
some new techniques and colors. 

click on the link below for your free building permit #15

I am reading several books right now. And was lucky to attend a short lecture by
 Cindy Griselda at Quilt Market this fall. 
I really love her work and her latest book covers the principles of design.
(Always wise to review those from time to time. )

Below is her latest book.

She is not afraid to walk away for a while if her project is not falling into place.

You have to be willing to try, try, again.
When I started quilting the makers told me to have a light, a dark and a zinger.
This has been great advice.

Below is one of Cindy Grisdela's quilts that was on display in Houston this fall.
She has a love and a way with solids.

Well that is my weekly inspiration for now.
Get out there and try adding a few new colors to your work.

Take care and happy sewing.

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  1. I love the relaxation I get from sewing and quilting. Sewing and quilting is my "me" time whether I am making something "just because" or creating a gift for a friend. ~ Thank you for the inspiration you share through your blog.