Thursday, February 7, 2013

Well worth the wait .2wenty-Thr3e for Moda

These wonderful precuts arrived from Moda today.
They where by far some of the best and freshest designs in the market
 and are spot on for colors.

Eric and Julie Comstock of Cosmo Cricket fame are the designers.

You gotta love all those dots and lot and lots of gray.

I just had to share these pictures I took in the Moda booth at quilt market.
 Do you love the quilt with
the big circles?

Another wonderful quilt featuring this collection 2wenty-Thr3e.

How fun is this quilt. And it looks so different cut up into smaller pieces. 
I hope you will take a look at this collection. 
Right now the precuts are in stock and the bolts
 will be arriving in about 3o days.  
Happy quilting, Janeese

Why not ask for a gift certificate from the Calico House for Valentines day. 
Just a thought.

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