Sunday, September 8, 2013

Books to help with Free Motion Quilting

These are a few of the books I have been reading and gleaming 
information from
to improve my Free motion skills. 

Because I am such a novice I found  Natalie's book
 above the most helpful. 

 Oh my . There is a lot of great ideas in the "Mindful Meandering"
book by Laura Lee Fritz. 

Maybe its just me, but I find if I draw the design on paper first
 it helps me to establish a rhythm and memory for that design. 
The clouds and birds are from "Mindful Meanderings".

More practice on paper. 
The fun flower above is from the "Freemotion Quilting"
book by Judy Woodworth below.

I found Angela Walter's first  book on Free -Motion 
Quilting to be a really good resource for the beginner.

Her second book below will help you when you are looking for more ideas. 

Once I have drawn a design I will try stitching it on paper with my sewing
 machine with no thread in the needle. 

Each step prepares you to try some designs with a quilt sandwich of fabric and batting.

If you follow the Calico House's face book 
you know I have been quilting some small projects. 
I will keep you posted on my progress.
I am trying to keep notes on my tension settings on the back
 of my samples for future reference. 

We also have classes on machine quilting at the store this fall. 
If interested, give us a call. 
Our instructor, Cindy Erickson always gets rave
 reviews from her students.  

There are several new books about Free Motion quilting releasing this month. 
I have them all on order for the store. 
Watch our face book for there arrivals. Janeese


  1. Great resources. I still "freeze" every time I lower the feed dogs. Fortunately, I have no fear of my walking foot.

  2. The most useful product i have found is the teflon sheet that goes on your machine.
    Everything just glides so much easier.
    I love the creativity of some of the Free motion designs I have seen.