Sunday, January 12, 2014

Special delivery baby quilt.

This time of year we keep really busy at the shop and many customers 
are making baby quilts. 
One of the most popular requested color combinations for babies 
has been gray and white. 
I noticed as I was looking through the new Pottery Barn baby
catalog they where featuring a lot of gray and white also.
 Another trend I keep reading about is all the different animal prints 
we will be seeing for 2014. 

These fabrics just arrived and we quickly chose a pattern to make
 our special delivery quilt. 

This is  a fun and easy pattern if you are 
looking for a quick kit. 

I just finished the binding . It seems like that is all 
I have done lately, but I enjoy it.

 The gray and white animal print  worked great on the back. 

Heres a closeup of the quilting , I hope it gives you a little inspiration. 

Valerie Janzen of Sewing In The  Sunshine did a really
 great job on the quilting. 
We have her cards at the store if your looking for
 a machine quilter to hire. 
Valerie has quilted many of our models. 

I will have kits available shortly and they will
 be available in our Etsy store too. 

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What's the name of the quilt pattern and is it available for purchase separately?

    1. The pattern is from the book Gimme 5 and supersize booklet.
      It is available separately and is $10.50. We also used it for our hedgehog quilt also. It is new and has many sizes of quilts .Let me know if I can save one for you.