Monday, September 7, 2015

Truck full of Joy

I had a lot of time on my hands recovering from surgery lately. So I lined up some projects to work
on that involved hand work. I actually love to hand embroider, I find it relaxing, especially when my husband is watching something on tv that is not my cup of tea.  
I thought I would share some of my methods for making this pattern by Buttermilk Basin.
You may have another method , but I hope this will help you. 

Some of the tools that I used are Freezer paper found in the grocery store isle with the wax papers and Sarans. I use it to trace both the large and small parts of this design.  Once you have all your pieces cut out of freezer paper , they will iron easily on to your wool or felt . 
Now cut them out and the freezer paper just peels off. 
I pin the pieces onto the background and some times I glue them. 

From my tailoring days I have a handy curve ruler .
I used this when I was trying to trace the perfect large oval
onto my freezer paper. 

The most challenging part for me was cutting out the large black oval. 

The pattern provided the outer black oval in a quarter section to trace. 
I suggest you fold your freezer paper into fourths and then clamp it together. It makes cutting out the oval a lot easier. 
(Trace the inner arcs on all four layers before you cut the outer oval. )

I cut the freezer paper just a tiny bit outside the actual cutting line. After I ironed it onto the wool , I then cut on the black line. 

Now ironed onto the wool and ready to cut.

It was also hard to place the black oval on the back ground after it was cut out.  I wish I had marked the center top and bottom in some way to help transfer into on to the background.

 Use the freezer paper oval to check that the back ground piece is large enough.

I did not cut the background tan felt until I had stitched down the entire oval on the inside and outer edge.
Good sharp scissors are a must.

Let me know if you have any questions. We have the pattern in stock . Truck full of Joy.
Thanks for stopping by. Janeese

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