Monday, July 27, 2015

Part 2 of my Maxwell Bag assembly.

Once I finished making the front and back of my Maxwell bag it was time to make the sides.
There are pockets on the sides and you can use the tall side pieces to mark the pieced pockets for trimming.
I love the big dots and hated to cover them up with the pocket.

 Now I am ready to trim the pocket  to match the taller side piece.

As you can see you only are trimming a sliver of a piece.

 The bottom of your bag is a piece of timtex centered over a piece of soft and stable . You baste those two together and then place the fabric right side face down under the soft and stable.
Then you sew all those layers together.  I did some really simple straight lines to join them together.

You sew the sides with the pockets on to both ends of your bottom piece and these now look like a U.

The U is now sewn to the front and back. 
My advice is to pin a lot, especially in the curve. 
I also marked my 1/2 inch sewing line and sewed slowly thru the curve. 

Ta Dah My outside bag is now assembled. 

 This bag has feet and I had never added those before. I made a little paper template so I would get the same placement for all four feet. The little red pin is where the hole needed to be made.

There where three layers to go through on the bottom . I recommend using an awl, it worked perfectly
and made just the right size hole. 

 The company that made the feet recommended that you use cardboard or plastic to reinforce the prong on the inside of your bag. I chose template plastic because I thought I want this to be washable.
I cut a one inch square , found the center and made a hole with my awl.

 This shows the plastic inside the bag before and after I spread the prongs that keep your feet in position. I took a screw driver and ran it down the prong all the way to the bottom , to make sure they where open as far as they could be.

 Now on to the inside. Same as the outside . two layers. one of fabric and one of soft and stable.
They are also quilted. Tough to see here.  I just sewed with regular thread here. I chose a Cotton and Steel print for the lining. Love it.

Just like the outside of the bag, you sew the sides on to the bottom piece and make a U.

This is the outside of the bag place inside the lining. So right side to right side, 
You are going to sew all along the top with a 1/2 inch seam. 
There is a opening left in the lining bottom for turning. 
This is very thick, pin well and go slowly. Match up those side seams.

The handles are made by covering cording with the soft and stable. You will need a zipper foot here.  You trim the soft and stable to an 1/8 of an inch. I like to use a little ruler , it made life a lot easier . I was able to cut it with the rotary cutter, carefully.

The handles are covered with a tube of fabric and you hand sew the cording together as shown in this picture.

I have tried to show and share with you some of the  interesting parts of this pattern.
At times I was very frustrated and twice I had to check the web page for corrections or additions. My advice is when you can't make sense of the directions , check out their web pages.
Both times I was really struggling there was information that cleared up the problems . (It' s not you, check the web page.)

Here is my finished bag . This takes a fair amount of time , but I still think it was one of the best new bag ideas at quilt market.

Thanks for stopping by. Janeese